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The Pro’s Guide To Rotary Tools

I love finding new uses for tools that I already own, and a rotary tool—very often referred to as a Dremel —has a ton of attachments and potential applications. Here’s an dremel bits guide overview of the types of attachments available and some potential uses. This sub is for tool enthusiasts worldwide to talk about tools, professionals and hobbyists alike.

rotary tool bits

Try out different bits on a piece of wood, metal, or plastic, and test the speed and end results. This is possible thanks to its ball shape which makes it easy to hollow out material and make concave cuts. Not to mention the rounded side cuts and round slots you can achieve with this, making it an unusual but very useful addition to your woodworking kit. This particular bit can be used to cut and carve tougher materials such as hardened steel, cast iron, fired ceramics, stainless steel, hardwood, plastics, nonferrous metals, and other hard materials. You can also use this to engrave on all types of wood, and even harder materials such as gardening equipment.


If you need to do the more limited cutting of wood and sheetrock and also want to be able to do a lot of sanding, the Multi-Max would be your ideal choice. I would also recommend practicing before doing this, because it is very easy to damage the tile if your hand slips. After the nail-head has been cut off, use the metal file to smooth out the rough edges that may have formed around the tip of the wood nail. Use the metal-cutting emery wheel to cut off the head of the wood nail very carefully. The most common size is 1/8”, but you can get tools with a smaller shank (I think the next size down is 3/32”) if you are missing a collet. Round and pointed, shanked and shankless, abrasive wheels for grinding.

rotary tool bits

In terms of applications, you can use this bit to do detailed removals of material, and also do shaping, hollowing, carving, grooving, engraving, inlaying, slots, and routing without a guide. Because of its flame shape, you can also make v-bottom slots and concave side cuts in any soft material. Another very good carving bit from Dremel, this one has a disc shape and an accessory tip, with a working diameter of ⅜” (9.5 mm) & a shank size of ⅛” (3.2 mm).

How To Build Your Own Rotary Tool Bits

Can be used on a variety of soft materials such as wood, wax, plastic, etc. It is also not limited to use on woods, plastics, or metals; it can be used on other https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/best-dremel-bits/ soft materials such as wax, non-fired clay, etc. This one is compatible with pretty much any Dremel rotary tool, and it comes with one rotary accessory.

  • General-purpose, high-speed steel and diamond coated drill bits for drilling.
  • All of these features are housed in a durable case so you can safely transport and store your rotary tool around the job site.
  • A drill stand will also come in handy, because it can guide you in drilling perfectly into your workpiece.
  • Keep in mind that this list represents just a small sampling of the dozens of accessories available.

Some of the cutting discs are made with minimal gaps between the teeth for very precise cutting. Others have very large gaps between the teeth, which helps for bulk cutting, where you don’t really care too much what the final product looks like. The first kind is known as “drums.” Basically, they look like little round cylinders. You attach the cylinder to the end of your Dremel tool and then you slip what is called a “band” over the cylinder. The band has abrasive particles on it and the drum holds the band.

Engraving Cutter

HART’s high-performance rotary tool kit comes with all the accessories needed for grinding, polishing, sanding, cleaning and more. Ideal for HART’s 20V rotary tools, these bits and accessories work on wood, metal, PVC and tile. Set includes sanding bands, wire & bristle brushes, https://bestwoodcarvingtool.com/ polishing compound & wheels, felt wheels, grinding stones, drill bits, cut-off wheels, sanding discs & drums, plus mandrel, wrench and more. Product Highlights Hinged lid is foam-lined to keep accessories in place, and a metal latch keeps the box closed securely when not in use.

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