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Market and Business Trends

Market and business trends are predictable patterns in the marketplace that influence the behavior of consumers. By keeping abreast of trends in business and market entrepreneurs can match their offerings and services with the demands and requirements of consumers. This will increase the loyalty of their customers and increase sales.

Trend analysis requires observation, research and a keen understanding of what consumers want and are looking for. Entrepreneurs who miss the mark such as Mattel did when its Barbie dolls lost market supremacy to Bratz in the early 2000s, are not able to compete against new, innovative companies that recognize shifting demographic and generational shifts in consumer demand.

In 2023, expect see small companies leveraging the latest technology to improve their marketing strategies and attract their audiences. Marketers will use modern technology to increase the number of and engage their customers. This could include hologram displays or projecting influencers or celebrities onto the floor of sales.

A second business trend to be on the lookout for is the increased focus placed on employee wellness and the creation of flexible working environments. This is partly due to the coronavirus lockdown and is expected to keep growing with the improvement in the economy as well as the desire to attract top new talent.

Economic trends can provide an excellent overview of the market’s health and vitality. For instance, prices for oil tend to increase as the economy expands and the demand for energy increases across the globe. On the other hand, wars or interruptions in mining can reduce the supply of a particular commodity and lower its www.compucog.net/2020/06/22/tech-market-leaders-by-data-room/ price. Bonds and stocks are also affected by the mood of investors, news about quarterly results from businesses, economic readings and natural fluctuations in supply and demand.

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