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Hybrid Board Meetings

As the pandemic has diminished and vaccines are now readily available, many organizations are returning to face-to-face fundraising. However, the outbreak has also forced boards to reconsider their meeting structures to ensure that board members can connect in a safe and secure manner while maintaining momentum. Hybrid board meetings permit members of the board to attend in person while another is able to join via remote. This method can be successful in boosting engagement and reducing expenses, while also providing the flexibility required by a modern nonprofit.

It is essential to plan and adhere to best methods to ensure that your hybrid board meeting runs smoothly. To do this, begin by establishing your meeting goals and setting the agenda for your meeting, which includes the location and the equipment requirements. It is best to select an event space that can accommodate all attendees in person and equipped with the audio-visual equipment required to allow remote participants. It is also important to choose the right virtual meeting software. The software should be simple to use and have a high-quality videoconferencing that allows attendees to see each one another and the meeting’s documents simultaneously.

It is also essential to communicate the agenda and board packs early enough. This will save time by avoiding the need to bring in-person and remote attendees on the same page. Additionally, it will help you maintain the focus of your meeting, and ensure that all relevant subjects are covered.

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