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How to Manage Documents and Finances


Manage documents and finances

The trust department of an institution is typically charged with the management of a variety of important documents. This includes conservatorship documents, powers of attorney documents and investment portfolios, bank statements, and payment of bills. All of these documents are subject to strict compliance requirements, which means they must be tracked and managed in an organized way.

Start by gathering all your documents together. Then, sort them according to type (banking, insurance etc.) and then by date (newest to oldest). Once you have sorted them, you can arrange them into three folders, label them and then keep them for future use or shred them. This will prevent you from searching through old files and will also allow you to avoid spending money on products or services that you already have in your possession.

Utilizing a digital management system like BDS is another great way to keep your financial records and documents in order. By storing your financial information digitally it’s much easier to access and locate when you need it. Furthermore, digital records are more secure than paper. Contact us to discuss how we can help you improve your workflows.

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